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What is Stage Combat

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Stage Combat is a dynamic and exciting art form used in theatrical productions and on film to create the illusion of violence whilst keeping the actors as safe as possible.

Fights and violence tend to happen when words are no longer sufficient to express our emotions, and so it is not very surprising that writers often employ violence and fights at pivotal moments of the story they are trying to tell. From Shakespeare to Shepard, writers use violence to dramatically change the course of the story they are telling and actors must be capable of portraying that violence safely and effectively on stage and on film.

At its most basic level, stage combat is about safely performing fight moves on stage.  But there is so much more to the art form than this.  Physical story-telling, responding to what is happening in the moment as truthfully as possible, expressing the character's thoughts and intentions, allowing the audience to follow the story and get involved emotionally in the action - all whilst remaining fully committed and safe!  Stage Combat is acting in the most extreme physical and emotional situations that any character is likely to experience and requires skill, practice and expert training.

The training offered by the BASSC equips the actor with the ability to not only perform a fight but to understand the concepts used in the various techniques that help keep them, their partner and the audience safe, as well as understanding how to physically express the emotions and the story being told within the fight.  This allows the actor to truthully express themselves and deliver a believable and exciting performance.